Multi Skills Year 1 and 2

Friday 13th October was a lucky day for our year 1/2 students attending a Sports multi-skills festival with over 360 children attending from across the Chippenham Primary Schools and this event taking place on both sides of town!

 With the weather being on our side and the sun shining, children in year 1 / 2 were treated to a carousel of 12 different sporting activities run by secondary school Sports Ambassadors, concentrating on the fundamentals. We started the morning to a fun warm up dance “hello” and then in our groups of 10, we went to our first sporting station. Each station lasting roughly 5 minutes and once all 12 were completed, we finished the festival with a cool down dance to “the Boogie” a classic fun dance!

These multi skills sessions allow our children to experience:

1. **Improved Athletic Foundation:** Multi-skill sports help develop a broad range of physical abilities like agility, coordination, balance, and speed, which can serve as a strong foundation for specialized sports later on.

2. **Reduced Risk of Overuse Injuries:** Engaging in various sports can prevent overuse injuries that are common in single-sport specialization, as different activities stress different muscle groups and movement patterns.

3. **Enhanced Motor Skills:** Multi-skill sports promote the development of fundamental motor skills such as running, jumping, throwing, and catching, which are essential for overall physical competence.

4. **Increased Social Interaction:** Participation in various sports can foster social skills and teamwork since it often involves interacting with diverse groups of individuals.

5. **Adaptability and Versatility:** Learning multiple sports teaches adaptability and versatility, which can be valuable in various life situations, not just in sports.

6. **Mental Benefits:** Multi-skill sports can improve cognitive abilities, decision-making, and problem-solving, as athletes must quickly adapt to different game scenarios.

7. **Enjoyment and Longevity:** Trying different sports can help individuals discover activities they truly enjoy, increasing the likelihood of maintaining an active lifestyle throughout life.

8. **Athlete Well-Roundedness:** Athletes with a background in multiple sports tend to be more well-rounded and have a broader perspective on athleticism and competition.

9. **Lower Burnout Risk:** Avoiding early specialization can reduce the risk of athlete burnout, as athletes are less likely to become fatigued or disinterested in a single sport.

10. **Life Skills:** Multi-sport training can instill discipline, time management, and perseverance, which are valuable life skills that extend beyond the realm of sports.

Overall, sports multi-skills can contribute to physical, mental, and social development, getting to meet other primary school children and working alongside secondary school children. What a great way to start our Friday!

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