All Active Academy

“That was the funnest day I’ve had in my life!” was the response of one pupil who attended todays event! The All Active was a great way to introduce some new activities to pupils that they might not have done before. The sessions they completed were:

  1. Bowls – run by Tony from Chippenham Bowls club, everyone had the chance to try different point scoring challenges. Pupils had the chance to compete for trophies, kindly provided by Chippenham Bowls. Well done to the following schools:

1st – Langley Fitzhurse

2nd – Ivy Lane

3rd – Frogwell and Monkton Park

2. Archery – pupils learnt how to use the bow and then had a chance to aim for either a traditional target for puzzle target to win points. Thank you to Geraint from Up and Under Sports for letting us use his archery kit!

3. Trampolining – pupils had a go at jumping on the trampoline before attempting the 10 bounce challenge – some even scored the maximum of 40 points! It was lovely to see those who were initially a little nervous stepping out of their comfort zone to have a go.

Thankyou to the 11 schools who attended today. It was lovely to see you and well done to all our participants for their effort and enthusiasm!

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