Crazy, Crunchy, Christmas Fun Run!

After the cold blast of the day before it was prefect conditions for the annual Crazy, Crunchy, Christmas Cross Country! This event is organised by the Chippenham Sports Partnership, which is made up of 3 teachers from the local secondary schools; Selina Porter (Sheldon), Jessica Pierce (Abbeyfield) and Emma Barton (Hardenhuish). Over 700 pupils from local primary schools arrived excitedly in their Christmas jumpers, santa heads and reindeer antlers ready to have a morning of fun! After being greeted by Santa Claus himself (who was accompanied by 2 enthusiastic reindeers!) the children got warmed up to the Chippenham Sports Partnerships 12 Days of Christmas. It was clear that lots of the primary schools had been practising this in advance – not only with the high energy actions, but also the great singing! Each school then made their way to the tinsel start line before setting off around the fields. As this wasn’t a race, and the main objective was to have fun, it was fantastic to see everyone happy and smiley on the way round! The run finished by crossing through the festive funnel before each school made their way across the field for some well deserved hot chocolate and marshmellows! Once again it was lovely to see everyone enjoying their warm drinks, kindly donated to the Chippenham Sports Partnership by Tesco’s. It was also lovely to have Sue from Tesco’s come and join us for the event to see how well all of the pupils enjoyed it!

Thank you to all of the following schools for taking part, and also to the Sports Leaders from the secondary schools for all of their support – this event cannot happen without them!

Schools involved:

St Pauls

St Peters


Monkton Park

Langley Fitzhurse

Queens Crescent


Kings Lodge

Kington St Michael


Stanton St Quinton


Ivy Lane

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