L2 Cricket Festival

Chippenham Cricket Club was a sight to behold as our primary schools enjoyed the first Chippenham Sports partnership festival since 2019. With 9 teams involved it was set to be an exciting event, especially with the new dymano rules to make the games more fast paced. The teams were split into 3 groups and each pair faced 2 overs of 5 balls (new dynamo rules!)

Teams dug deep in the first games as they got used to the rules but it was fantastic to see the children grow in confidence as the matches progressed, including seeing them start to apply some tactics! At the end of the pool stage the teams were re-organised into a new competition so that the winners could play each other. After some close games, filled with big hits and wickets being taken, Queens Crescent came out victorious! Congratulations to Stanton St Quinton who came in second place, and to St Peters in third. Well done to all cricketers involved who showed such energy!

Huge thanks to Ali Goddard from Wiltshire Cricket for all his support, and also to Chippenham Cricket Club for hosting us.

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