New Age Kurling

The New Age Kurling (NAK) event offered a lovely, relaxed and fun morning for pupils from Frogwell, St Peters and Kings Lodge. Working across 4 stations each group go to take on different challenges in a NAK circuit:

Station 1 – pupils tried to knock over as many skittles as possible.

Station 2 – this activity involved trying to get the target stones through different sized gates.

Station 3 – the task on station 3 was to knock other stones out of the way, or as an extra challenge, onto the playing mat.

Station 4 – this was all about point scoring and pupils used the official NAK mats to see how many points they could achieve.

The event finished with a quick dance and rendition of YMCA led by the Sports Leaders and it was fantastic to see all for the smiles, enthusiasm and effort from the pupils from each of the primary schools.

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