Dance Festival


The Dance Festival is the flagship event of the Chippenham Sports Partnership and has fast become one of the largest events in our calendar, with all the primary and secondary schools in the partnership invited to perform in a celebration of dance.  The dance pieces include routines developed as part of curriculum PE lessons and after school clubs, run by enthusiastic teachers and extracurricular coaches and support staff.

The theme for this year is ‘”Around the world” as always we are very excited to see all our schools perform in the prestigious Neeld Hall.

The Festival will take place over two evenings on Monday 5th February and Tuesday 6th February 2024 from 18.30 (doors opening at 18.00), Approx. finishing time 7.30pm/7.45pm.  All Halls have been booked for the holding bay areas and your schools will be given an area on arrival.

Rehearsal times are from 3.00pm – 5.30pm, during this time we will have rehearsals, costume prep and any lunchboxes can be eaten  – lunch etc to be provided by your school. Please see booking form.

 Dimensions of dance area:

8 meters across, 6 metres back

Please amend your dance to fit in this space.

Ticket information

Tickets – The Neeld seating allows an audience of 216 people per night – this will allow tickets for 1 or 2 adults per family only – As in previous years each school will be given tickets for parents on a 1.5 allocation.

This allows at least one parent of each child to be able to watch the show, with flexibility for 2 parents in some cases. Whilst we would love to allow 2 tickets per child, as I am sure you will appreciate, this isn’t possible due to space at the venue. This year all tickets allocated to a primary school will be given to that school to sell, and will be given to you at our PLT Meeting @Abbeyfield Friday 5th January 2024. These can then be sold through your own internal payment systems and we will leave it up to the primary school’s discretion to decide on how they best wish to distribute the extra 0.5 tickets. Each school will receive an invoice for their tickets from the Chippenham Sports Partnership. Any tickets that are not sold by a school will be collected on Dance Troop picture day Wednesday 17th January. The Chippenham Sports Partnership will then take responsibility for selling any remaining tickets. Schools will not be invoiced for unsold tickets returned before this date, however, will be charged for unsold tickets returned after. Cost per ticket £4.00

Compère Piece

Please complete the link below

Forms link:

Deadline: Friday 1st December at 1600

Please note: Compere training will take place Friday 5th January @Abbeyfield School, 9am – 12pm

Photo/video permissionPhotography/video will be used on social media, newsletter etc we not be able to seek permission for all students.   It is your responsibility to ensure any children who do not have photography permission to wear a mask or have face paint on so they cannot be recognised. We have tried to look at this from all angles and have taken advice from organisers of similar events.   I know this may not be ideal for some of your themes, however we feel it the best solution for what could potentially be a photography nightmare. We will be using an external photographer again.

We are super excited to have you involved in this inclusive event, if you have any questions, comments or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact Jessica Pierce