Mini Marathon

In celebration of the London Marathon on Sunday 21st April the Chippenham Sports Partnership visited local primary schools to officially start their own mini marathons! Assemblies and lesson ideas were shared with schools in the lead up to the event so that pupils could develop their understanding of what the London Marathon is.

On Friday 18th our team headed off to each school, and with 10 schools lined up, it was due to be a busy day. We loved meeting each school to complete a warm up dance before setting all pupils off on their runs. Watching the enthusiasm and effort pupils put in, as well as the support pupils gave each other across whole school communities was heart warming and a pleasure to be a part of.

Thank you to the following schools for making us so welcome:

Derry Hill, Monkton Park, Queens Crescent, Frogwell, St Peters, Redland, St Pauls, KSM, Langley Fitzhurse and Stanton St Quinton.

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