Talent Team

The Talent Team event is aimed at confident and aspiring young athletes who want to discover their potential! After welcoming a lovely group we got started with the sports leaders running a warm up and explaining how it is important that all sportspeople warm up properly before an event.

Each of our Talent Team then tried out a series of co-ordination and balance challenges before putting these skills into practise in an ‘endball’ team challenge! It was fantastic to see them all working together and enjoying the friendly competition.

After a short break it was fitness testing time! Each group took on the cardiovascular interval run in their school teams, looking at how vital it is to pace over long distances. In groups pupils then tried out different fitness tests:

Stork test – balance

Standing Long jump – power

Illinois run – agility

Sit and reach test – flexibility

Hand grip dynameter – strength

Ball toss – co-ordination

Ruler drop – reaction

The level of determination and challenge that was shown was brilliant – and crucial qualities for any young athlete who wants to succeed in their sport. Well done to everyone who attended!

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