Gymnastics Festival

As the gymasntics event no longer progresses onto a Level 3 competition, this gave us an exciting opportunity to try out a new format! The competition was split into 2 sections; performance (for those who did gymnastics outside of school) and participation (for those who enjoyed gymnastics within PE lessons). Each school could enter  a team into both competitions and pupils were able to prepare a gymnastics routine of their choice to highlight their skills.

To give the best experience we could everyone involved gt the chance to try out different gymnastic elements through a series of stations:

Vaulting – the groups were taught how to safely use a trampette and also how to get onto and off of a box top. We saw some lovely jumps as well as some pupils trying out some dive forward rolls.

Rthymic gymnastics – a chance to try out some moves with ribbons and also look at some hoop and ball skills. A dazzling dsiplay!

Acro – pupils tried to replicate some partner balances – it was lovely to see the trust they had in each other and the amazing balances they came up with.

As well as these stations each pupil performed their routine in front of the judges to be given a score which went towards their team total. At the end of the performances a ‘flying angels’ activity was set up where two lines cross each other whilst vaulting in an exciting and fast paced performance.

Everyone seemed to have a great time and we were totally impressed with the effort and quality of gymnastics on display. Congratulations to Kings Lodge for coming 1st and to Ivy Lane for 2nd place!

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