London Marathon

To mark the 2021 London marathon, the Chippenham Sports Partnership launched the London Marathon challenge with our primaries. We calculated that if every member of a class ran 1 mile then as a group they could complete the London marathon (and even further for some classes!)

The SSCo’s travelled to different primary schools and got everyone ready for their run with a fun warm up. We shared some fun London marathon facts…Did you know the oldest person to take part in the London marathon was 90 years old and it took her 11 hours and 34 minutes to finish?!

Once they set off the pupils encouraged each other and challenged themselves to complete their mile. Some children decided they wanted to run further, and, in some schools, the older pupils helped the younger ones complete their run.

The SSCo’s really enjoyed coming out to see everyone and loved the enthusiasm and effort that all of the pupils put into completing their London marathon challenge!

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